Aged & Añejo Rum

Añejo is Spanish for ‘aged’ and Aged Rums signal the serious end of the rum spectrum. The use of the word aged refers to the extended time the rums spend in barrels before they are bottled. Most commonly the barrels will be of charred oak, which imparts spicey, toasted, and vanilla flavours, while the maturation time also gives the rum itself opportunity to develop layers of complex caramel and toffee notes. As a rule of thumb, the longer a rum is barrel-aged, the deeper and fuller the colour and flavour will be.

There are too many deep, dark, delicious options in our online shop to cover in detail in this short intro, but we can’t encourage you strongly enough to take your time and nestle down into the range. There are some truly spectacular rums in there, delivering complex and beguiling profiles to be sipped on the rocks or mixed into heady cocktails like Dark & Stormy or Rum Old Fashioned.

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