Albariño is a little more international than you might expect – aside from its Galician name, it also has two Portuguese ones – Alvarinho and Cainho Branco. This white grape loves the particular climate that’s wedged between many hotter and drier regions of Portugal and Spain, where it shares territory with its more mainstream cousin Sauvignon Blanc.

You’ll often see connoisseurs obsessing over Albariño during the hotter months. It’s dry and acidic nature makes Albariño perfect for picnics and light snacks under canopies. It’s also got a bit of a salty character that makes it a gorgeous wine to pair with fish and seafood risottos - similar to a nice Chablis, but without the price tag. Albariños typically exhibit floral and citrus notes, and the intensity of them will vary between vintages, regions, and producers. It’s also one of the most aromatic wines out there, which means it’s a proper treat for the senses. Buy a bottle of this tasty Iberic wine and set it aside to chill, for a hot summer day.

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