Alcoholic Ginger Beer

This is for all you fans of fiery, spicy flavours. Alcoholic Ginger beers belong in a class of their own – they’re a Yorkshire invention that became famous in the eighteenth century, quickly spreading to Ireland, the States, and even South Africa. Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer came later and surpassed its predecessor in popularity, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. Oh no no no, we’re here for a crisp pint of Crabbies Original Ginger Beer please.

Ginger beer craftsmen still follow a simple formula, fermenting fresh ginger with lots of different ingredients to add extra aromas. To enjoy them to the fullest, we recommend you chill your Ginger Beer and drink it the same way you would a cider or a lager, but we won't judge if you pop an ice cube in there. Shop online now and fire up your day with ever-reliable Crabbies or try something new like Hawks True Roots.

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