A charming and sweet Italian liqueur, Amaretto hails from the city of Saronno. Di Saronno – get it? The world’s biggest Amaretto brand is easily spotted in every well-stocked bar in the world, playing an important part in cocktails like the French Connection, Amaretto Sour, Italian Margarita, and more. It’s also often added to ice creams and cakes, making it a great gift for an aspiring baker.

At The Bottle Club, we’re proud to say we’ve got a bit of variety when it comes to Amaretto. To try something a little different, grab a bottle of the Luxardo Amaretto, or even a Samburetto – a Sambucca Amaretto hybrid that works wonders as a cocktail ingredient.

The word Amaretto means ‘a little bitter’, since Amaretto’s flavour is led by almondy bitterness that is later softened with the addition of sweet components. Unlike the truly bitter amaro, a similarly named Italian liqueur, it’s quite mild and delicious to drink on its own, too.

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