American Whiskey

From bourbon to rye, and corn to Tennessee sour mash, American whiskey is incredibly diverse. But there is one tree that really affects the flavour of every hooch, and that’s oak. There’s lots of oak in the United States, and American distillers generally use fresh oak barrels to give their whiskey a strong vanilla flavour. Remember that on your next whiskey tasting and we promise you’ll get points for spotting it.

The history of American Whiskey began in the 1700s when pioneers started making whiskey using corn, rye, or barley as their base. These pioneers settled in the Appalachian Mountains and passed down this tradition to their children. The first commercial distilleries emerged soon after and by 1800 there were hundreds of them all over America. Today, small-batch and micro distilleries keep pushing the boundaries, while worldwide brands like Jack Daniel’s keep American whiskey on everyone's lips. Shop our American whiskey collection below.

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