Anisette is a clear, sweet, Mediterranean liqueur flavoured with aniseed. With a lower alcohol content than other anise liqueurs like Absinthe, Ouzo, and Sambuca, Anisette packs a wonderfully clean flavour of black liquorice, balanced by bountiful sweetness. This makes Anisette a more genteel way to get that unmistakable, intense anise flavour, while still remaining upright in your seat.

It’s hard to pinpoint the historical origins of Anisette. It’s such an old beverage that records get hazy when you go all the way back. What’s certain though is that Anisette was among the first commercially produced liqueurs in the world. The Marie Brizard sirit company released their Anisette into the market in 1755. Today, Anisette is consumed all across Europe as an after-meal digestif, and unsurprisingly so, because it was none other than Pythagoras himself who first discovered the medicinal power of anise to soothe and prevent stomach pain. He knew a thing or two, old Pythagoras. Grab yourself a bottle today from our online shop.

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