Appleton Estate

After 265 years of crafting premium, aged rums you can be assured that Appleton Estate knows how to bring the Jamaican spirit into your glass. And this character lives and breathes in every drop of dark rum, all the way through their master distiller Joy Spence’s lively, bold and infectious personality who you’d just want to share a drink with.

Nestled in the lush tropical terrains is where you’ll find every drop of still rum aging in the Jamaican climate to deliver a smooth and full flavour.

Pick up a bottle of the Appleton Estate Signature Blend Rum for a bit of Jamaican vibrancy on the rocks, buy some extra spice with the Appleton Estate 12-year-old rare cask fine rum or take a little taste of history with an Appleton Estate 21-year old rum which is sure to be packed with flavour.

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