You could say Archers and its iconic schnapps came about by trial and a few errors along the way. When travelling around Europe, the need for a fruity schnapps came from how the liqueur was made inconsistently. Crafted from everything from vegetables, fruits and berries; schnapps was criticised for having a harsh taste. And here it was, the lightbulb moment, where there was no clean, crisp schnapps which complemented the distilled spirit.
So smooth (and so delicious), Archers took the traditional schnapps making techniques and blended them with real peach flavours, sugar and distilled alcohol to make a liqueur that had not graced us before.
Hitting the UK shelves in 1988, this syrupy sweet and well-balanced liqueur soon became a hit, creating a brand-new drinks category with lots of competitor interpretations, but we all know where the original Peach Schnapps came from and it’s here, ready to buy.

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