Armagnac is a denomination of fine brandy from South West France, and there are a few rules that must be followed if you want to label your brandy as Armagnac. Firstly, the grapes used to make the brandy must be grown in the Côtes de Gascogne region. If you’re fortunate enough to have visited Gascony, you’ll know that it has an ideal climate for grape farming. Gentle springtime temperatures nurse the budding vines back to life after a mild winter. Then a long, warm summer means that the grapes are perfectly ripe come harvest time in the autumn.

Distilled in one continuous process - unlike double distilled Cognac - Armagnac is then tucked away to rest in oak barrels, where it takes on a beguiling amber colour and develops spice, caramel, and complex fruit notes. Armagnac is a drink to take your time with, so be sure to browse our online shop at a leisurely pace, until you find just the right Armagnac for you.

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