No one can deny that Bacardi is one of the power houses in the rum world, but would you believe us if we told you the brand came from very humble beginnings? Don Facundo, the brand’s founder, actually used rum production as a distraction from a number of tragedies in his life. An earthquake, the death of two of his children and his company going bankrupt were not enough to put Facundo down, as he pursued to curate a spirit that replaced harsh can spirits.
And from here, Bacardi Carta Blanca was born, with flavours of almond and vanilla aged in an oak barrel for a real depth of flavour not usually associated with white rum. But the brand wasn’t done here. With rums ready to transport you to the salty seas and sun-soaked beaches of the Caribbean, the brand adds this vibrancy into new flavour profiles like their Bacardi Coconut Rum or even their premixed Pina Colada cocktail.

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