Banana Liqueur

What do Banana Daiquiri, Banana Split Martini, Yellow Submarine, and Banshee all have in common? They belong to an exclusive club of cocktails that celebrate a very special spirit – Banana Liqueur. A tropical gem that works well with rum or vodka, Banana Liqueur isn’t getting as much love in the cocktail world as we think it should. The solution? Grab your shakers, buy a few bottles online, and invent something new.

Banana Liqueur is sometimes called Crème de Bananes or Banana Schnapps. It’s usually made with a neutral alcohol and flavoured with extracts and syrups, since bananas are nearly impossible to juice. Interestingly, banana flavouring is derived from a species of banana that no longer exists, which is why freshly blended bananas in cocktails won’t deliver that characteristic flavour and the addition of Banana Liqueur is a must. Try a more traditional Bols Crème de Bananes or indulge in a decadent Firebox Banana Hard Milkshake Liqueur today.

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