Aided by a local chemist and a bunch of archived liqueur recipes, Alexandre Le Grand set off to create his own herbal liqueur in 1863. Inspired by French monasteries who often distilled their own herbal liqueurs, he eventually perfected an infusion of twenty-seven botanicals and called it ‘Bénédictine’, like the holy order. The recipe has always been a well-guarded secret, and even today only three people know exactly what and how much of it goes into a bottle. Bénédictine’s historically-inspired branding turned out to be a brilliant move, as the liqueur quickly gained popularity in France and abroad.

British soldiers got a taste for it during WW1 and back home in East Lancashire, a traditional drink called Bene’n’ot became popular – a mix of Bénédictine and hot water. Nowadays you can find Bénédictine all over the world, and it is included in the recipe for many classic and modern cocktails. Get your hands on this delicious and intriguing French liqueur today from our online shop.

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