Plata, Blanco & Silver Tequila

Most of us associate tequilas with a deep, golden colour in a shot glass, topped with a nice little wedge of lime. Not everyone, however, knows that those tequilas are barrel aged, and that in its purest, youngest form, tequila is a clear spirit. These clear tequilas are referred to as Blanco, and often marketed with silver labels to make a clear distinction between tequilas that are aged, and those that aren’t. The name Silver caught on because of the labels, and unaged tequilas can now be called either Blanco, Silver, or Plata – which means Silver in Spanish.

In terms of flavour, Blanco tequilas have agave-forward flavours, more citrusy and peppery notes than their golden cousins, and often a spicy finish. Because they’re a little lighter, they work really well in cocktails, but they’re just as good as reposado when it comes to sipping – they simply showcase different aromas. Our tequila collection features some of the world’s finest Blanco Tequilas, from Gran Patron Platinum Blanco, to Maestro Dobel Silver Tequila. Shop the range online right here and spice up your day.

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