Blended Irish Whiskey

We like to think that Blended Irish Whiskey is a little bit like fine blended Champagne. Blended Irish Whiskey usually made up of Single Malt whiskies from the one or more distilleries, all mixed together to achieve a perfect flavour. Some purists will insist on Single Malts being better than their blended cousins, but just like Champagne, Blended Irish Whiskey is where a master blender can really shine. The whiskeys themselves are as varied as their distilleries, ranging from light and crisp, to heavier and more robust. The majority of Irish Whiskey Production consists of Blended Whiskeys, courtesy of the Irish behemoth Jameson and a few smaller distillers like Paddy and Bushmill’s. You can buy your favourite right here online and we’ll ship it quick-smart to your doorstep

Cocktail fanatics will be pleased to hear that Blended Irish Whiskeys work extraordinarily well in most whiskey-based cocktails. This includes Irish Coffee, of course, as well as an Old Fashioned, or a Whiskey Sour. Slàinte!

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