Bols liqueurs are some of the best of their kind in the world. No mixologist’s backbar is complete without a selection of these classic cocktail ingredients. Bols Curacao Triple Sec unlocks dozens of options like Cosmopolitans, Margaritas, Sidecars and Long Island Ice Teas, to name just a few. The Bols range is huge and the possibilities are endless. There’s a whole cast of flavours waiting for you, just a click away, whenever you shop for Bols online with The Bottle Club.

The Bols brand has some serious heritage, spanning to humble beginnings in a small shed in Amsterdam in 1575, when seafaring Dutch merchants were just beginning to bring exotic fruit, herbs, and spices back from their voyages. This abundance of new and vibrant ingredients inspired Lucas Bols to begin crafting alcoholic liqueurs, and thus an institution was born. Today, as well as supplying bars and homes around the world with liquid inspiration, Bols even runs its own Bartending Academy in Amsterdam, nurturing the next generation of master mixologists.

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