Not to be confused with the fashion powerhouse, Bottega is a legacy wine brand filled with Italian spirit! This brand really is a family affair, originally founded by Aldo Bottega’s vision in 1977 after being a master distiller for more than 30 years. He had a serious passion for wine thanks to his grandfather who ran a successful winery in the 1920s and really who can blame him? After his passing in 1983, his son Sandro had some big shoes to fill. With the help of other family members and lots of patience, the first bottle of Prosecco hit shelves in 1992 and the rest is history.
The brand has become renowned for their metallic and highly Instagram-able bottles to distinguish between a Bottega White Gold Spumante Prosecco or a Bottega Pink Gold Prosecco Doc Rosé. Bottega has also paid tribute to their roots in recent years by making their mark in liqueur, including the Nero Cioccolato e Grappa, a delicious chocolate-y after dinner tipple.

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