Brandy Miniatures

It’s time to give yourself a little treat… literally. Brandy miniatures make for a perfect holiday gift, cocktail accessory, or seasonal stocking stuffer. They’re the ideal size for enjoying a laid-back tipple, and you don’t have to worry about over-pouring. As always, we hope you’ll do right by the brandy of your choice and drink it neat, since ice tends to mute and dilute the more subtle flavours.

Prefer your brandy as part of a cocktail? Miniatures are a great way to always have a bit of your brandy handy when the need for an old fashioned or brandy Alexander arises. For the culinarily minded, they are ideal for storing in your bakery cupboard, ready for use in apple tarts, chocolate cakes or brandy butter. They’re much easier to store than the big, chunky bottles, so why not buy a sample of a brandy you’re curious about online, or shop your favourite online now.

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