The perfect way to top off a tip-top dinner is with a good glass of Brandy. Even though it might seem a little harsh for its name in Dutch to mean ‘burnt wine,’ Brandy is actually made by applying heat to fruit or grapes. From here, the liquid is distilled and aged for a minimum of four years, normally in oak barrels to give it both its rich caramel colour and even richer taste.
Also known as Eau de vie or water of life, Brandy, as with other spirits, can differ in flavour based on how long it’s been aged for. But don’t worry, there’s a not so secret code that will tell you which type of Brandy is for you.
Explore our V.S.O.P brandies, like Janneau, which stands for very superior old pale. Not only will you see that in the colour of the Brandy, but it's the youngest blend in the bunch and must be aged for at least 4 years in an oak barrel to get this title. You may also find X.O Brandies, like Carlos I Imperial, which stands for a much longer aging process, at a minimum of six years in oak.

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