Ever wondered what whiskey would taste like from the world’s oldest licensed distillery? A sip of Bushmills will be just that. Official records take us back as far as 1608 where the village of Bushmills first got its license to distil. And what a year it was! A small, rugged coastline town in County Antrim was an instant hub for high quality, flavour filled whiskey where friends and family all worked together to make a delicious Irish whiskey. Nothing has changed after 400 years, with generations passing down the same methods and craftsmanship to today’s Master Distillers.
The Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey is the most iconic product in the range, made from triple distilled malt and aged for 11 years in sherry casks. But for something more adventurous, buy the Bushmills Caribbean Rum Cask Finish Whiskey which does what it says on the bottle, it’s aged within a previous Dominican rum for 8 years.
Through fruity flavours and whichever you choose, it’ll sure go down smooth.

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