Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky

Cast your attention to the Kintyre Peninsula at the south western point of the Scottish mainland. This is where you’ll find the Scottish whisky making region of Campbeltown. At one time a flourishing area boasting over 30 distilleries - that’s a hell of a lot of distilleries - things have somewhat inevitably slowed down in recent times. Some commentators will say this is because, at the peak of production, Campbeltown distilleries were more focused on volume than they were on quality, and over time this lead to diminished customer loyalty and eventual loss of trade. That’s a decent theory, and there is evidence to support it, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Thankfully there are still three functioning distilleries in Campbeltown, bringing the unique flavours produced in this region to life for us all to enjoy, as you’ll see when you browse our online shop. Whisky from Campbeltown typically displays harmonious flavours of dried fruit and toffee, with a strong influence from sherry cask ageing, especially at Springbank. Look out for saline notes too, reflecting Campbeltown’s maritime roots.

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