Canned & RTD

Our canned and ready to drink cocktails deserve a section of their own. After all, we’re not all master mixologists, but that really shouldn’t stop us from drinking top notch bellinis. Speaking of bellinis, Funkin has a lovely one available below, but those of you looking for a more classically perfected Jack & Coke won’t leave empty-handed either. What these gems all have in common is that all you need to do is chill them (or pour them over ice if you’re feeling really fancy), and imbibe. The simplicity says it all.

For those who are a little more curious about the origin of these clever conveniences, pre-mixed drinks entered the market in the eighties, and back then, they were most commonly mixed with wine. But tastes and federal taxes in the US changed, and canned cocktails became what they are today. Delicious. Skip the prep and buy your favourites online here. Garnish optional.

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