Captain Morgan

Aye aye Captain! There’s certainly only one rum brand you think of saying that phrase and that’s Captain Morgan. Named after a real Pirate who sailed the seas to make his fortune, Captain Morgan has been dominating the high-seas of the rum category since their launch in 1944.
To say the real captain behind the Captain Morgan name was adventurous, is a bit of an understatement; from being imprisoned by Charles II, to knighted as the Governor of Jamaica and owner of his own sugar cane refinery, he certainly kept himself busy.
We’ve all heard of the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum (which is delicious by the way) but the brand has started exploring that adventurous side by dipping their toe into new and exciting flavours. Why not buy a Captain Morgan Tiki Rum, perfect for those exotic cocktails or Captain Morgan Limited Edition Sliced Apple Rum for a crisp taste with a little Caribbean spice for good measure.

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