Chablis Wine

The first thing to know about wines from Chablis - a small collection of appellations in the north of Burgundy - is that the wines are always white, and always made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. The second thing - if there’s one thing Chardonnay grapes are best at, it’s picking up the characteristics of the soil and the climate in which they are grown, and bringing those characteristics to the finished wine. In this case, the 150 million year old Jurassic limestone makeup of the bedrock in Chablis imparts incredible minerality and crispness to the wines. When you combine this soil type with a cool, sunny climate, and generations of winemaking knowhow, well, the results are nothing short of immaculate. Crispy, dry, mineral rich white wines at their best.

So why not dip into our online shop today and choose from a whole range of Chablis wines. Perfect with shellfish, light poultry dishes, cheese, or nicely chilled on their own. Nothing hits quite like Chablis.

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