Champagne Guns

We’ve seen it all before, whether it’s in movies, music videos or when that F1 driver wins a tournament, Champagne showers are as boujee as it gets. But who really wants to shake up a good bottle of plonk and then get none of it to drink afterwards? Certainly not us! That’s why we’ve got a selection of Champagne guns, your new go-to party weapon.
Simply attach any Champagne bottle to your choice of Champagne gun and get ready to turn it into a long-lasting Champagne cannon!
Perfect for when you’re impressing guests or to whip out as an in-house party trick, our Champagne guns aren’t just great for a shower of fizz, but also make the ideal way to serve and store this fancy sparkling wine.
Choose between buying a mini Champagne gun (top tip, also works great for beer bottles), a standard Champagne gun for your classic bottle of Bollinger or an adjustable gun to suit your choice of drink.

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