Champagne Jeroboams

Wine miniatures give you the opportunity to spice up an evening with a bit of wine without having to commit to a whole bottle. They're known for being fun, convenient, and great gifts – a mini bottle of wine can add some sparkle to gift hampers and work wonders as a stocking filler. It's time for their moment in the spotlight.

Our wine miniature selection contains some electrifying wines. From a Lanson Rose Quarter Bottle to a Bottega Gold Prosecco, you’ll have plenty to choose from – especially if you’re a fan of sparkling. Wine miniatures have been around since the late nineteenth century, first put on the market by Moët & Chandon in an attempt to breathe new life into the brand. It took a few decades before they became a total hit with the Parisian fashion-conscious elite in the 1930s, and voilà, they've been with us ever since. Shop wine minis here today.

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