Champagne Methusaleh

Bigger isn’t always better, but sometimes it really, really is. Because what’s better than a bottle of Dom Perignon? How about a towering, beautiful, six-litre methuselah of Dom Perignon, complete with a flight case? Talk about travelling in style! Veuve fan? They’ve got you covered with their own methuselah encased in wood.

Methuselahs are six-litre bottlings of champagne, equal to eight standard champagne bottles. Naming larger-than-life wine bottle formats after Biblical figures is common, and the methuselah is named after the celebrated biblical patriarch said to have lived to the age of 969. This makes a bottle of this mythical size a great gift for a ninety-sixth, sixty-ninth, or even a ninety-ninth birthday. Take a closer look and shop our carefully curated collection of these special-edition champagnes below. Now all you need to do is find someone brave and skilled enough to open one! A giant task no doubt, but a worthy one too.

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