Are you even celebrating if you don’t have a glass of Champagne in your hand? Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday or a cuvee for that special dinner, these delicious sparkling wines always add an air of elegance to any occasion.

There’s a reason why you always feel so fancy when drinking Champagne too. Its history shows an association with royalty as early as the 17th century, even though the first bottle was made by mistake.

But they don’t get this royal status easily. These beautiful bubbly wines have to go through a lot of specific practises to even be called Champagne. Exact vineyard practises, sourcing Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes exclusively from designated places, must-have grape-pressing methods and carbonation approaches, are all things stringently monitored. So, you know you’re getting a top-quality wine, whether you prefer a Lanson or a Moët.

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