Cherry Liqueur

There’s something about the humble cherry that makes a perfect fit for a liqueur. There’s hardly a spirit that won’t transform into something delicious with an infusion of cherry – namely brandy, which covers a huge portion of cherry liqueurs on the market, but not all of them. To make matters a dash more complex, most countries don’t specify whether the spirit used in cherry brandy should be brandy, often leading to vodka-based cherry liqueurs being labelled as… you guessed it. Cherry brandy. But no such confusion will happen here – all cherry liqueurs on our site are clearly labelled and described for what they are, so that you can shop online in peace and get the exact flavour your heart desires.

From a Stambecco Italian Cherry Amaro that contains Maraschino Cherries and botanicals to a Bols Cherry Brandy Liqueur, every part of our collection contains high-quality spirits bursting with cherry flavour.

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