Chocolate Liqueur

Most people like chocolate. Most people like alcohol. Putting the two together was just a matter of time. Word is that the French have been making cocoa flavoured liqueur since the seventeenth century, which is pretty early considering cocoa beans were a highly sought-after delicacy at the time. The first recipes for these infusions had whole cocoa beans, but as chocolate evolved, so did the chocolate liqueurs. Shop our Chocolate Liqueur collection here for all your sweet-tooth needs.

Chocolate Liqueurs are usually drunk on their own. A cheeky glass of Gianduia Bottega after dinner is a wonderful way to round up the meal and since it’s made with grappa, it’s also a potent digestif. It tastes a bit like nutella, so if you’re after a more pure chocolate flavour, try their Nero Cioccolato Nero e Grappa. When they do find their ways into cocktails, Chocolate Liqueurs usually add texture as well as opulent chocolate aromas – try putting some in your Espresso Martini and thank us later.

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