Cloudy Cider

These days cider comes in just about any form you can imagine, but when you have a hankering for something simple, authentic and just plain old delicious, Cloudy Cider may well be just what you’re looking for. Cloudy Cider can be cloudy for a number of reasons, which we’ll dive into in a minute, but what’s more important is the taste of the drinks themselves. Cloudy Ciders will naturally have a rich, lip-coating texture, and in most cases a smoother, more rounded flavour than their crystal clear counterparts.

When a cider-maker creates a Cloudy Cider, they are leaving the goodness in. Clear ciders are filtered, which removes the small, natural particles that make Cloudy Ciders hazy. This filtration process often includes the use of gelatin. So for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who avoids gelatin, Cloudy Ciders can be a great way to get a hit of your favourite fermented apple beverage, worry-free. This rule of thumb is a good one, but please always read the fine-print for each individual product. Happy online shopping, cider lovers.

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