Justices did not seem to take information security to be a serious matter, according to CNN.
Frederik Pleitgen, who was reporting in Kramatorsk during the attack, said Russia's war in Ukraine is one of "the most dangerous" he's ever covered.
“I was taken aback by how often I heard this,” McKay Coppins said on CNN.
The exchange comes after the DOJ uncovered classified documents from Biden’s home on Friday.
Paul Pelosi has been going out in public occasionally, as a doctor suggested he needed "something to look forward to," according to the former House speaker.
"I don’t think that that’s the job of another member of Congress to say or call for," said Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) of fellow Rep. George Santos.
"It’s not just buzzing around," Lemon told Schumer after his comment on Friday.
The former House speaker has some bad news for the ex-president.
"That, I will say, in my opinion, was a bit rude," Erin Burnett told Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas.
The singer schooled the rap stars for using sexist terms in their music, Snoop recalled in a new CNN documentary.