Cocktail Essentials

Mixology is an artform. No doubt about it. The craft of mixing drinks attracts creative people with flair, pasion, vision, sensitivity and skill, driven to create new and delicious drinks, based around a chosen spirit. Just like a painter applying the innermost workings of their imagination to a canvas, a mixologist won’t get far in their quest without a palate of flavours to work with. This is the world of Cocktail Essentials.

The International Bartender’s Association recognises just 77 official drinks for use in World Cocktail Championship contests, but of course in reality, there are thousands upon thousands of different recipes out there. Despite this dizzying variety, the core principle across all cocktails remains the same. The key is to balance your chosen alcohol with sweet, bitter, and acidic flavours to create a harmonious experience. You’ll find all the syrups, purees, and bitters you could ever need to achieve your cocktail goals right here in our online shop.

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