If you’ve ever tried to juice a mango, a banana or the flesh of a coconut, you’ll know that it’s a frustrating, difficult, and messy business indeed. Also, I can’t be the only person around here who has had enough of squeezing endless citrus at the beginning of a shift, stinging the hell out of every miniature cut on my fingers along the way… anyone? Cocktail Purees take the hassle out of the whole ordeal, so you can focus on crafting beautiful, flavoursome cocktails, and still have time left to enjoy the party.

Funkin Pro-Cocktail Fruit Purees are leading the way in the Puree world, and The Bottle Club online shop is full to bursting with a whole host of their vibrant flavours; raspberry, passionfruit, white peach, lychee - you name it, we’ve got it. So, bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts of the world, this is where we all say goodbye to countertops covered in fruit peel, impossible to clean juicing machines, and cumbersome deliveries of fresh fruit. It’s time to embrace the convenience and focus on what you love - making absolutely banging drinks.

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