Cocktails, Mixers & Tonics

Imagine this, you’re not in the mood to master mixology or you fancy an easy on-the-go drink. Well, this is where our range of pre-mixed cocktails, hard seltzers and soft drinks are your new solution.
Here you’ll find ready-made cocktails and classic drinks such as classic Pimms and lemonade, Gordon’s Pink Gin and Schweppes tonic, and a selection of premium Bottleproof cocktails including espresso martini and negroni.
For a new and refreshing option, you can also discover the new drinks craze, the hard seltzer. These alcoholic sparkling water drinks are filled with fruity flavours including White Claw’s classic black cherry, Drty’s raspberry rose and Koppaberg’s passion fruit.
But this isn’t all about alcohol. You can buy soft drinks options too like Coca-Cola, fiery ginger beer and premium tonic water from brands like Fever-Tree, Schweppes and The London Essence. Whether you add these to a spirit is 100% optional.

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