Coffee Liqueur

Coffee Liqueurs are a diverse category of coffee flavoured spirits, with many countries adding their local twist on the concept. From Cold Brew Coffee Jägermeister to Tia Maria Dark Coffee Liqueur, lovers of sweet and rich arabica flavours are truly spoilt for choice. Shop our Coffee Liqueur range online and get Espresso Martini-ready.

The invention of Coffee Liqueur was an idea shared between two lifelong friends in Mexico. On their quest to find out what would happen if alcohol was enriched with coffee, they created the famous Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, and sparked a whole new coffee-based family of cocktails. Without Coffee Liqueurs like Kahlua there’d be no White Russians, Black Russians, the aforementioned Espresso Martinis, Mudslides, and many more. Soon after Kahlua first appeared, other spirit brands started experimenting with coffee infusions, resulting in today’s diverse Coffee Liqueur market where you can find that almost any base spirit can be enriched with a darn fine cup o’ joe.

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