Cognac Miniatures

Take your appreciation for brandy to the next level with the help of a miniature Cognac. These bottles may be small in size, but are packed to the brim with flavour, making them the best way to take a trip around the Cognac region without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Why not start your Cognac journey with a very Special Hennessy, home to one of the oldest houses to distil Cognac, dating as far back as 1765? Not that it’s a competition but the Rémy Martin brand did beat Hennessey to it, starting their first production in 1724. They’re known for their rich plum and fig flavour-filled Cognac across the globe. So, you know you’re in safe hands. Perfect for enjoying on a chilly winter’s day over ice, buying a Cognac mini is a great way to appreciate all the wonders of manufacturing in such a small region of France. Santé!

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