Corn Whiskey

Corn Whiskey hasn’t always enjoyed the greatest reputation, but artisan brands like Bowsaw and Balcones are showing the world how great Corn Whiskey can be. The Corn Whiskey category also includes products labelled American Whiskey, often very similar to bourbon. Check out Gold Bar American Whiskey in our online shop for a super-premium example.

Corn Whiskey can be overlooked by whiskey connoisseurs because of the association with unregulated moonshines, popular as they were in the USA during prohibition. Those are a thing of the past though, and today Corn Whiskey is defined as any whiskey made with 80%+ corn in the malt bill. Bourbon heads will point out that lots of bourbons technically fit this rule, but the difference with bourbon is that it must be aged for certain periods in new oak. Corn Whiskeys are often young or even unaged, but don’t let that put you off. Corn naturally gives whiskey smooth, sweet, creamy notes, making Corn Whiskey great for sipping as well as mixing into balanced cocktails.

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