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Be prepared for a few changes in policy and government-provided tools. Here's what we know so far.
WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “there is no doubt that we're in a far better situation now” than a year ago.
DeSantis, who has not yet openly declared his intention to run in 2024, is considered one of the key challengers the former president could face.
Marjorie Taylor Greene compared masks to the Holocaust. Ronny Jackson said omicron was a Democratic hoax. Definitely a credible committee!
The proposed approach would allow the agency to roll out shots each year targeting the strains predicted to pose the biggest threat.
‘Never-Coviders' share what their social lives are like and how they feel about having dodged COVID this far.
Calvin Munerlyn was shot dead at a store in Flint, Michigan, in May 2020.
Read this before you load up on supplements like vitamin C and vitamin D when you're sick.
Experts have a few theories on why some people may be getting false negatives when they believe they have COVID.
EXCLUSIVE: Text messages obtained by HuffPost show the possible editorial influence that a proven liar & conspiracy theorist might have on the most-watched cable news host in America.