Eagles' Darius Slay Ignites Geography Controversy At Super Bowl Opening Night

The Philadelphia cornerback was asked a random geography question and his answer got Twitter talking.

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay quipped Monday that he “slays” at everything, from video games to basketball.

But perhaps not geography.

At the Super Bowl opening night in Phoenix on Monday, the player pulled a random question out of a hat asking, “What state is Kansas City in?”

“Kansas,” Slay replied.

Herbie Teope of the Kansas City Star said reporters near the front informed Slay that it was in Missouri.

Sure, there is a Kansas City in Kansas, so Slay is kinda correct. But it’s not the famous city where the Eagles’ Super Bowl opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs, are based.

One Twitter user said the question should have been more specific, like “What state do the Chiefs play in?” to avoid confusion.

So maybe Slay gets a pass, even if some on social media gave no ground.

But the previous U.S. president does not get a pass.

Donald Trump congratulated the Chiefs on their 2020 Super Bowl victory by praising them for representing “the Great State of Kansas ... so very well.”

Anyway, hats off to Slay for enduring the often-silly media night.

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