Dark Rum

It’s all about the molasses up in here. Explore our dark rums collection below and buckle up for a dark and stormy journey. But before you take off, do you actually know how dark rum is made? Both light and dark rums start off as the same clear spirit, but while its transparent cousin is neatly filtered and bottled, dark rum goes through at least one more distillation. This gives it more of a scotch or brandy flavour profile and a higher molasses content, which some would claim makes it a lot nicer to drink neat. This isn’t to say that you can’t use dark rum for a variety of cocktails, and since you can use dark rum in hot toddies as well as mai tais, we’ll call it a year-round drink. Some of the most well-known dark rums come from the likes of Captain Morgan and Bacardi, but most rum brands will have at least one knocking about. Pick your favourites.

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