Dessert Wines

While there’s no simple definition of exactly what constitutes a Dessert Wine, a lavish meal just isn’t quite complete without the sticky hit of a good one. There’s just something so satisfying about following savoury with sweet. In the most basic scientific terms, our palates actually get a little bored after eating multiple savoury flavours, no matter how nice they are, and as we fill up, in order to prolong the enjoyment of eating, it’s necessary to change up the sensation.

But what makes sweet wines sweet anyway? By leaving grapes to ripen longer than you would do for a dry wine, winemakers allow time for greater levels of sugar to be produced inside the unpicked grapes. As you’ll find out when you explore the Dessert Wines in our online shop, there are a number of different techniques and styles used to create the final product, but it is always essentially this late-harvesting and over-abundance of natural sugar inside the grapes that give Dessert Wines their sweetness.

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