Purported Delivery Driver Interrupts College Basketball Game

Evidence suggests the delivery was actually a social media prank.

The record books will show that Duquesne beat Loyola Chicago on Wednesday night 72-58, but the real star of the basketball game wasn’t a player on either team, but an alleged food delivery driver.

Early in the second half, an unidentified man carrying a McDonald’s bag walked onto the basketball court, apparently attempting to deliver an order ― although evidence suggests it was a prank.

Yes, there’s video:

ESPN, which was covering the game, offered updates on the man’s effort.

It’s not clear what company the man was delivering for ― if it was a real delivery at all. The man appeared to say DoorDash in one video, and the company used its Twitter account to snarkily reply to the many people crediting Uber Eats.

Duquesne coach Keith Dambrot told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the attempted on-court delivery was the “craziest thing he’s ever seen.”

The paper noted that Dambrot had a similar experience while working as an assistant coach at Eastern Michigan when fans had ice cream delivered to the opposing coach in the middle of the game.

The referee moved the purported delivery person off the court so the game could continue, and security guards escorted him to the concourse level. He was united with his supposed customer to the cheers of fans watching on the video board.

People were impressed with the man’s work ethic.

But at least one person was skeptical of the whole event: Loyola Chicago assistant athletics director Austin Hansen.

He posted a thread explaining why the delivery may have only been designed to deliver “clout” for the alleged driver, noting the man was wearing a microphone.

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