Elderflower Liqueur

When you think of elderflower in cocktails, you may well call to mind the syrup, rather than the liqueur – and you’d be missing out. The delicate marriage of spirit and elderflower, when used sensibly, can add a floral oomph to any boring old cocktail – and no one knows that better than mixologists looking to spice up a gimlet. So many departures from the three-ingredient garden variety gimlet involve the addition of Elderflower Liqueur, we’re starting to wonder why they don’t update the official recipe. Elderflower Liqueur also elevates your Collins and adds a touch of sophistication to your Martini.
The reason Elderflower Liqueur slides seamlessly into so many classic cocktails is that it has huge versatility. It even works harmoniously with strong spirit flavours like Islay Whisky and Mezcal. Bols Elderflower Liqueur is just one great example; aromatic, floral, and refined. Shop the range online now and shake up your cocktail routine.

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