Environmental & sustainability

Our promise, where possible, whilst keeping your bottles safe - is to provide you with as eco-friendly packaging as we can.

Our AirSac Technology bags - when inflated make up only 2% of their mass with plastic film - the rest of course is air.

These plastic inflatable containers are 100% recyclable! (and wideley recycled - if in doubt check with your local councils for clarification) All you have to do is deflate the AirSac with a pair of scissors or sharp object and put with your other recyclable plastics.

On top of this all of our cardboard boxes, filling and gift box straw, is made from recycled papers and again is fully recyclable.

Taking this eco mindedness further we ONLY print our flyers & in parcel marketing from already recycled card stock (for 1 the finish is pretty great - and 2 every little helps to becoming a carbon neutral company).

You can also recycle your bottles after use as well - or up-cycle some of the cooler ones into household items from lamps to decorative features & vases.