Flavoured Gin

Flavoured gins were made for the adventurous drinker. The world loves a Gin &Tonic, and while the base botanical flavours are nothing to complain about, the addition of fruit extracts can do wonders for the flavour profile of even the finest gins. Contrary to popular belief, flavoured gins are sugar free and contain the same alcohol content as their clear counterparts. The most common additions are red berries like strawberries, raspberries or red currants, which are commonly used in Pink Gins.

But today’s flavoured gins have moved far beyond berries. Think of a fruit and you’ll likely find its essence ready to be added to your favourite tipple. Some bartenders even recommend flavoured gins as a substitute for other liquors in well-known cocktails, like swapping Aperol for fruity gin in your spritz. Our favourite brands include Whitley and Gordon’s, but you might have to try a few for yourself before deciding on a winner.

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