Flavoured Liqueurs

Did you know that flavoured liqueurs are descendants of old herbal medicines? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a medicinal component in today’s liqueurs, but the flavours we get are much better than the ones in the Middle Ages - or so we’re told. You’ve come to the right place to browse and shop for a wide variety of flavoured liqueurs, but if you want to know more before you dive in, we’ve got some facts lined up.

A flavoured liqueur is different from pure spirits like vodka and rum, in that it has an addition of flavours (often sweet) in the form of fruits and botanicals. Think fruits, herbs, or nuts which are dissolved to create a drink that’s ready to pour and enjoy. They’re a great aperitif, or a cheeky dessert if you happen to have something chocolaty in your drinks cabinet, but innovative brands like Hogg and Små keep coming up with exotic new flavours. Happy browsing!

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