Flavoured Rum

So, you’ve heard of flavoured gins and you’ve certainly heard of flavoured vodkas – now get ready for Flavoured Rums. If you thought rums couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. These marvellous creations feature some extraordinary combos that’ll completely transform your rum-drinking experience.

Flavoured Rums aren’t quite the same as spiced rums, which are limited to spice flavourings. You can basically add anything you want to a Flavoured Rum – as long as it tastes good. So while some of these sound a little indulgent, they make for excellent winter drinks and cocktail ingredients. If you want to start at the slightly subtler end of the scale, we recommend Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum or Red Leg Banana. Meanwhile, we’ll direct those of you who want to take your hard shakes and hot chocolates to a new level towards something like Finders Orange and Raisin Rum. Sky’s the limit when you shop for flavoured rums online right here at The Bottle Club.

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