Flavoured Vodka

Versatile vodka has had a bit of a makeover with an abundance of delicious flavours. You might ask where have these flavoured vodkas come from? The beauty of vodka is it is made through fermentation, distillation and filtration methods that allow manufacturers to add in whatever tastes and flavours they’d wish.
Explore some of the new fruity, zesty and just unthinkable flavour combinations like the Cîroc Summer Citrus packed with an explosion of tang, the refreshing Smirnoff’s Lime and Absolut Berri Acai vodka that picks taste profiles from all over the world.
Ready to spice up your cosmos, Moscow mules or Appletinis; to drink on the rocks or to accompany your favourite soda water and garnish, our flavoured vodkas are just that, filled with flavour.

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