Fruit & Flavoured Cider

Come springtime, picnic bevvies and after-work drinks turn cider brands into the UK’s favourite drink, while cider brands debut new unexpected flavours every year. And while some stay faithful to pure cider with no additional flavours, others see it as an opportunity to create more variety for the benefit of drinkers and cider makers alike.

Legally, cider has to have at least thirty-five percent of apple in it – the rest is up to the maker’s imagination and the general public’s taste. When Rekorderlig and Kopparburg came out with flavours like Mango & Raspberry, Passionfruit, Strawberry & Lime flavours, and others, their popularity inspired other brands to start combining bolder flavour combinations, cementing Fruit Cider’s place in well-stocked pubs and bars. Who knows what the next generation of flavoured ciders will look like? Choose a bottle or a pack to be delivered to your doorstep, relax, and enjoy the zing.

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