Funkin is a brand that has truly come to understand the needs of the modern mixologist. Beginning life as a smoothie brand more than twenty years ago, Funkin quickly course-corrected and started making purees. Those of you who have ever done bar prep before a big night know how essential these are for the smooth and fast running of an evening, and the UK bar industry agrees with you. Funkin is the brand of choice for countless high-end cocktail bars the length and breadth of the nation. Within their first two decades, Funkin expanded to creat syrups, pre-mixed cocktails, and many other bartender conveniences too. A broad selection of these is available to buy online today, right here at the Bottle Club..
Funkin purees come in many delicious flavours, from blueberry to peach and lychee. The resealable packaging means they’re easy to use and mess-free. The same goes for their delicious cocktails that can be poured right out of the bag. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be delicious.

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